The Greek Scouser NFT Collection

Kostas Tsimikas (aka “The Greek Scouser”), Liverpool’s & Greece’s explosive left-back, drops his inaugural NFT collection, which will be released in chapters. The premium digital collectibles represent the most important milestones in Kostas’ professional journey so far and the long-term holders / members of the fan community will be rewarded with access to unique physical rewards, personalized content from Kostas and exclusive experiences.

This is only the first of the many projects that Kostas aspires to do in this space. Stay tuned as he unveils more chapters of his extraordinary football journey so far.

by Kostas Tsimikas

The Greek Scouser

This exclusive, ultra-limited 3D artwork is dedicated to the extraordinary 2021/22 season with Liverpool FC, that included the highlight of Tsimikas’ career so far: winning the FA Cup with his own penalty kick, winning the Carabao Cup and contending till the very last minute for the EPL Championship and the UEFA Champions League. The collectible contains hints of the whole campaign that established him as “The Greek Scouser”, his iconic “can’t hear you” celebration, as well as his signature.





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by Kostas Tsimikas

The Champion

Coming soon; stay tuned for release info.

by Kostas Tsimikas

The Origin

Coming soon; stay tuned for release info.