Kostas Tsimikas joins forces with Novibet for a good purpose.

He was just announced as the new leading Greek athlete to be added to the group of ambassadors of Novibet’s “Giant Heart” initiative.

Through the social impact program “Giant Heart”, Novibet has a vision to meaningfully improve the lives of many of our fellow citizens, implementing actions of substantial contribution. As part of those efforts, Novibet expands their “Love Alliance” with the addition of “Greek Scouser” Kostas Tsimikas, as one of the leading ambassadors of the “Giant Heart” program. Determination, commitment to the goal, cooperation and teamwork are just some of the elements that characterize the international Greek player, making him an ideal ally in the mission of “Giant Heart”.

Kostas’ vision is to assist on an important life match: that of spreading the values of social contribution, hope and second chances, through actions that make a difference by actually improving the lives of many of our fellow human beings with actions… straight from the heart!

“It is a great honor for me that together with the “Giant Heart” program, we are embarking on the most important fight, that of offering to our fellow human beings! Along with Novibet, we share the common vision of building a framework of equal opportunities and hope for a better present and future, for all.” Kostas stated.

Novibet’s “Giant Heart” initiative was established on May 2021, with the aim of substantial and multi-level strengthening of vulnerable social groups and the implementation of a series of targeted actions, based on the values of social contribution and second chances.

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