Kostas Tsimikas after signing a long term deal with Liverpool: “I feel very glad to be here to extend my contract. I feel like all the sacrifices I did and other things, the work I put in, that everything pays off.But this keeps me fully motivated. This club is so special”.
“How you feel when you play in Anfield, it’s priceless. They always push you to the limit to give absolutely everything – especially me in Anfield I feel like I am not tired, [I am] never tired. When I feel the fans next to us, next to me especially, it is something magic I can’t describe with words. That’s why we keep pushing together, us as players and them as fans to the team, to have successful games”.

“Liverpool is like home, home for me: the city, the training ground, the people, it’s like [they] became family for me. That’s why I extended my contract, I am here to stay because of all of these circumstances. I love the people, as I say, I love the club, even the weather became very familiar for me! That’s what I love and [why] I signed the contract”.

“The FA Cup Final is the best moment for me because it was something I never did in my life, it was the first penalty I ever shot – I was really stressed as I remember! But as I said, I felt the fans were very desperate for this cup [and] us also because we did quite well in every competition, we did [nearly] perfectly in every competition, so for me it was obligatory to score the penalty and win this trophy for the club”.

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